Akin & Associates is a full service Human Resources Consulting firm. We're in the business of assisting large and small companies achieve their people initiatives.

Finder's Fee

Refer a candidate who’s hired by our client and get a $200 “finders fee.”

Referral Reward

Refer a client who engages our HR or Recruiting services and receive a “reward” of 10% of the first invoice.

Free HR Audit

Engage our Human Resources Consulting Division for a contracting or consulting assignment by June 1st and receive a free 2-hour HR audit.

“Bill Akin is the ONLY recruiter I will work with! I’ve known and worked with him for over 30 years. He is professional, intuitive and understands so many industries. I’ve introduced Bill to many companies and they all say the same thing: Where has he been? And now he is a recruiter of choice! I was delighted when Akin and Associates expanded its business to include HR consultant services headed up by Cathy Akin, who has been a VP with some of the leading companies on the west coast and worldwide. Don’t look any further for quality, dependability and professionalism.”

Pamela Bird, Vice President, Focus 3 Enterprises

Contact Us

Please let us know how we can assist you:
Employers: email us at cathy@akinassoc.com or call 760.432.0774
Candidates: email us at jobs@akinassoc.com

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