Legal Compliance

Compliance Audit Service

Akin & Associates will evaluate your processes, procedures and policies for legal compliance with Federal and California Employment Law.

Additional laws are applicable as your company grows.

Some of the audit areas are:
Employee Handbook
Procedure Manual
I-9 Forms
New Hire Packet
Termination Packet
Legal Components of Employee Files
Exempt versus Non-Exempt Employee Designations
Independent Contractor Test
Required Components of Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Government Reports
Required Employee Notices and Postings
Leaves of Absence

In addition, I provide suggestions for not only how you can comply with the law, but how you can comply with the law better.  How are other companies’ procedures and policies compliant?  What are the best practices?

Finally, I will train your staff to handle the daily tasks of compliance.

You will receive a Summary Report, an Action Plan and a Timeline.

Complete the form below now! I will provide a comprehensive, cost effective report in a timely fashion.

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