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Our Human Resources Bulletins are packed with important, legal, up-to-date information for Human Resources professionals. Please feel free to download and share.

September, 2015:  DOL is de-emphasizing the degree to which a business controls an individual’s work and focuses instead on the economic realities test.  What does this mean for companies hiring independent contractors?  Also, new criteria on how to classify interns.  All of the information here in this edition of Akin’s “Did You Know” Human Resources Bulletin.

January, 2016: It’s all about the New Fair Pay Law in this issue of “Did You Know.”  We will explore what this affects, besides just base pay.  Also, a quick review of the top legal risks for HR Managers. Download all the information in this issue of “Did You Know.”

April, 2016: Top Ten FLSA Mistakes – how you can avoid class action lawsuits.  And, what is systemic discrimination?  How can you prevent it in the workplace? Answered here in this issue of Akin’s “Did You Know” Human Resources Bulletin.

September, 2016: Get ready for counteroffers! It’s going to happen as you source and make offers to candidates. Learn the best tactics to secure the candidate in this issue of Akin’s “Did You Know” Human Resources Bulletin.  Also, what is a “Superstar Employee” and could they be toxic to the organization?

April, 2017:  Do-over! The Voluntary Classification Settlement Program is a new optional program that provides employers with an opportunity to reclassify their workers as employees whom they have previously treated as independent contractors.  Employers are eligible to only pay a fraction of the taxes.  Find out how in this issue of Akin’s “Did You Know” Human Resources Bulletin.  Also included, a quick guide on how to gauge if employees are crossing the line on dress code, and are you prepared to handle a crisis in the workplace?

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