Want more effective teamwork from your employees? Trying to inspire?

Engage the Finest City IMPROV for a Corporate Training Workshops.  Your employees will be prepared for anything.  Improvisation will yield positive results for business culture, employee productivity and creativity, as well as boost morale amongst team members.  Improv is now taught in leading MBA programs such as Duke, UCLA, MIT and Stanford.

As Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter says:  “One of the things that I think I do well as a CEO is that I’m present.  When I’m with my employees, I’m there in the moment.  That’s something you learn in improv, where what’s here right now is all the matters.”

Finest City IMPROV will design a customized workshop that addresses your specific goals.

So step away from traditional workshops and call Finest City IMPROV at 619.306.6047

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