We are grateful to have helped so many with varying HR Projects. Here's what our clients say about us ~
“I met Cathy at an HR association meeting and was impressed with her demeanor and professionalism. When I needed some outside help with HR projects, I thought of her and engaged her services several times over several years, always with terrific results. Her fees are reasonable, she is flexible and she produces the result on time.” Bob Honaker, Vice President Human Resources
“I’ve worked with Cathy in various capacities on HR projects since 1995. Besides being a joy to work with, she’s a take-charge person who can assist and advance a corporation in all aspects of HR. It has always been a pleasure working with Cathy and I highly recommend her as your first choice!” James Gutierrez, President, Career Resources, Inc.
“I’ve known Cathy professionally and personally for over 25 years. She’s a very smart and incredibly hard-working professional. She stays current with HR technology, is the consummate team player, and is very well connected and involved in the technology community. She always gives her employers and clients the utmost discretion, maturity, professionalism, and 110% output. Cathy sets the standard for HR consultants, and I highly recommend her.” Cindy Thomas, Vice-President Human Resources
“I had the pleasure of working closely with Bill during my tenure as Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Genoptix Medical Labs and Chief Commercial Officer at Lineagen. In both cases, Bill was supportive during our rapid growth years, helping us to source multiple quality sales candidates at a national level. His approach was consultative and straightforward, always taking the time to listen to and respond to our feedback regarding ‘good fit’ sales reps. I would recommend Bill for helping to source quality sales candidates in the biotech field.” Burt De Mill, Principal Consultant, BDM Consulting
“I‘ve had the pleasure of working with Bill and Cathy. Cathy is a professional, efficient interviewer, is clear and specific in the hard and soft job requirements, and is very quick to respond to messages. Bill has an acute perception of candidates’ abilities and interests, excels at understanding  position requirements and assessing whether candidates are a good match, and is very honest and fair.” Geoff Savage, Managing Partner and Founder, TecHounds

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